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    About the Books

    Gwendolyn, the Graceful Pig tells the tale of Gwendolyn and Omar—two best friends who have big dreams. Gwendolyn longs to dance ballet, and Omar wants to join the football team. There’s just one problem—they’re both pigs! How will Natasha Levertov, “the greatest teacher of dance in ze vorld,” help them make their dreams come true?

    Adorable illustrations and charming text make this story a hit with girls and boys. It’s not just for aspiring dancers but shows all children the joy of pursuing what they love.

    “Gwendolyn and Omar, her clumsy friend, will have you cheering as they brave the world of dance…” KC Parent Magazine

    “This cute story can help inspire both boys and girls to get into dance class, and it gives accolades to the teachers themselves, whose dedication is often overlooked.” Wendy Garofoli, editor,

    Gwendolyn, the Graceful Pig and its wonderful illustrations is a delightful book for both girls and boys.  It is a classic example for children to know that if they really want to do something they can find the way no matter what others think or what the odds against them might be.” Richard Rutherford, Former Principal Dancer and Associate Director of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and member of the Canadian Council for the Arts

    Gwendolyn The Graceful Pig
    Picture Book / Hard Cover / 8.5 x 11/ ISBN: 978-0-910291-03-3
    40 Pages / Ages 3-8
    Author – David Ira Rottenberg
    Illustrator – Lesley Anderson


    GGH_Mug Final

    Gwendolyn Goes Hollywood packs plenty of fun and adventure when the world’s two danciest pigs, Gwendolyn and Omar, go Hollywood. What happens when Roger Thunderbluster, the greatest movie producer in the world, asks Natasha Levertov, the greatest dance teacher in the world, to help make Gwendolyn and Omar stars?

    Will the movie be a hit? Can the two pigs really dance and sing? Can’t wait to find out? All the laughs are inside, so go right in. Next stop – Hollywood!

    Picture Book / Hard Cover / 8.5 x 11/ ISBN: 978-0-91029111-8
    40 Pages / Ages 3-8
    Author – David Ira Rottenberg
    Illustrator – Lesley Anderson